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Your beer and wine private labels made in Germany

Unites more than 19 production plants in Germany

Your private label

Private labels provide retailers control over the design and style of the brand they are selling. The design and style are entirely under the retailer's discretion. So that the retailer knows what its customers want to see aesthetically and visually in stores.



Germany was the fourth-largest exporter of beer in the world in 2020 with $1.28B in exports. In the same year, beer ranked as Germany's 204th most exported good. Italy ($254M), CIS ($121M), the United States ($119M), China ($118M), and the Netherlands ($81.4M) are Germany's top export markets for beer.



German wine exports have risen in recent years. The value of exported wines reached EUR 357 million in 2021, the highest level in more than ten years, according to the German Wine Institute (DWI) (EUR 355 million in 2010). The value of wine exports climbed by 29% and the volume of exported wines by 27% to 1.2 million hectoliters compared to the prior year.

Modern Architecture

Do you want consistent product quality and an stable supply of your brand products made in Germany?

GernanPrivateLabels unites the main beer and wine contract manufacturers in Germany and helps to supply products worldwide.

German Private Labels

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